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The Importance of an Open Mind

Louise Miller

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with new technology, medicines, therapies, and variety of methods in alternative healing.  Many of the latter methods have been around for hundreds of years and are highly effective.

One example would be healing with color.  Even your selection of color preference can give you an insight to your emotional health.

Up until about ten years ago when a premature baby was born with neonatal jaundice, the baby was given blood transfusions.  Now the infant is healed with blue light.  Nurses found that working in the blue light constantly irritated their skin.  Gold light was added and they no longer suffered the skin irritations.

Other diseases of the skin and even herpes respond to color and light therapy.  The use of both color and light had their beginnings centuries ago.

Sometimes we are to quick to prejudge something that we are not knowledgeable about, or perhaps too stubborn to admit that there may be a better or more effective way to do the same thing.

An open mind is one the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.  Who knows?  Perhaps the fact that you are open to alternative therapies may some day save your life.

Many effective, natural methods of healing used in eastern countries for generations, have now moved to the Western world and have proven their creditability.

All we need to do is read the newspapers to discover that drug after drug of chemical medicine have been removed from the market.  But by no means is all chemical medicine bad.  Flemming, the discoverer of penicillin, and other man-made antibiotics have saved countless lives.  However, a blending of the two may be more desirable.

Chinese herbology and system of medicine is becoming very popular here in the United States. India, where Ayarveda medicine is practiced, also has much to offer, as does the early Native American medicine.

Perhaps it is time that our Medicare and health insurance companies accept these equally along with our chemical medicine coverage.

“Freedom of choice in matters of health” should be our common goal.

At least let’s keep an open mind and explore new ideas together.