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Vitamins for the Soul

Sonia Choquette - Author of Vitamins for the Soul

Each time you make the decision to listen to your inner voice, your sixth sense you strengthen your conscious connection to your highest natural wisdom and allow yourself to live an authentic, creative, self-directed and personally empowered life.  Your inner voice is communicated through subtle vibrations pulsating through your body, otherwise known as “vibes.”  Your vibes are the most reliable personal inner compass you can rely on to lead your life.  Trusting your vibes relieves you of the stress of figuring things out.  They save you the wear and tear of worry and help you begin a life of ease and flow.  They protect you from harm, free you from psychic disturbances, and keep you grounded and peaceful.  Trusting your vibes is in fact the single most powerful decision you can make to fully empower your life and realize your greatest potential.

Trusting your vibes reflects your commitment to live a six sensory life.  The one you were designed to live as a Divine Child of the Universe.  Just as taking vitamins strengthens and empowers your body, trusting your vibes is like taking psychic vitamins to strengthen and empower your soul.  Yet, as you know, taking vitamins from time to time will not do you much good.  It is only when you trust your vibes on a daily basis over time that you will begin to feel, see and experience a positive and powerful difference in your life.

Like vitamins for the soul, trusting your vibes strengthens your spirit, enhances your creativity, improves your decisions, and helps you become a more empowered, joyful, healthy person.  Every time you choose to trust your vibes, you give your soul a dose of self-love and self-acceptance and support.  Daily doses of love and acceptance heal your heart, refine your intuition and restore you to a brighter, happier more internally guided existence.

Learning to trust your vibes is possible, but if you want to see a real difference in your life, you must make it a habit and that can only be done with practice.  Like vitamins for the soul, you need daily reminders, tips, affirmations, and suggestions to strengthen your inner voice and keep in tune with your highest wisdom.  Based on the psychic tools outlined in my book Trust Your Vibes, each page in this handy little book is such a  vitamin for your soul; one page to be consulted every day.  Open it at random to any page and take the offering on that page as your vitamin for that day.  You will soon discover that the soul vitamin you receive is perfect for that day.  The synchronicity will be undeniable.  And the results, if you take your psychic vitamins on a daily basis, will speak for themselves.

Vitamins such as “change your attitude”, ‘release the past’ and ‘simply listen” for example, serve to get you out of your own way and begin to tune into your inner voice which is subtle and can be easily overlooked.  Vitamins such as ‘’ask for help’ be lighthearted’ and ‘don’t take things personally’ keep you out of a rut and open your heart and mind to the best possible assistance from the Universe in all its forms.  Each vitamin is easily absorbed and serves to strengthens and grown your soul s ability to lead your life.

The best way to use this book is to open it every morning to receive your daily dose of psychic support.  If you are under particular stress or in need of a mega dose of psychic guidance, simply open the book throughout the day as you need to and follow the instruction on that page.  Each page offers you another shot of soul food for personal power and peace of mind.  They make trusting your vibes a matter of habit.  And if you take your psychic vitamins every day you will experience a significant change.  You will go from living a fear, based five – sensory life, to a heart, and based six sensory extraordinary one.  One that restores your true voice, frees your spirit, and leads you at all times to the best possible outcomes.  You will soon see, feel, and experience the magic it brings.