DreamWeaver Magazine

Creating Conscious Choices for Personal Empowerment since 2003

The Origins of DreamWeaver

DreamWeaver was originally established in 2003 and quickly became the standard of excellence in spiritual thought publications within Ohio. From the moment DreamWeaver was conceptualized, the intention was always to produce the highest caliber of body-mind-spirit information from the foremost authorities possible.  This never changed and still hasn’t. 

A plan was set into motion to create DreamWeaver from cover-to-cover so it would “create conscious choices for empowerment”.  With a goal and a plan in mind, Tammi (the DreamWeaver Publisher), set about network-ing with a variety of sources to achieve her vision. 

Right from the very beginning, DreamWeaver offered extensive interviews (most of them exclusive) with nationally recognized experts and authorities.  Some of these included:  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ted Andrews, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Sonia Choquette and more.  We then added Regular Features from:  Louise Hay, Michael J. Roads, Guy Spiro and many others.  The next step was to invite selected experts, teachers and authorities from the region to be Regular Writers.

DreamWeaver grew into a multi-state publication with distribution in five states within a few years.  The percentage of Advertising to Articles was kept to a lower than normal percentage (after all the goal was to focus on information) and by keeping advertising percentages lower than national/state levels, the readers quickly learned DreamWeaver was about written content.

Advertisers quickly learned that strategically aligning their advertising efforts with DreamWeaver meant a higher visibility in each and every issue too.  Quickly, the DreamWeaver staff and advertisers realized that readers were keeping issues of DreamWeaver for longer than normal periods of time as well.  What did this mean to advertisers?  Their advertising dollars had a longer shelf life and extended viewing audience. 

Yet in early 2011, Tammi faced some personal health challenges and was forced to make serious business and personal decisions.  Feeling unable to dedicate the time and attention that DreamWeaver required, Tammi decided to take a break from publishing.  Within a very short period of time, the health concerns passed with-out issue and Tammi was able to breathe a little easier.  But Tammi is never one to sit around with nothing to do, so she worked on ways to make improvements and increase efficiency with DreamWeaver. 

Now back at 110% steam, Tammi is excited to re-launch DreamWeaver and step back into publishing… while still having the same goals and vision of “creating conscious choices for empowerment” for the DreamWeaver audience.